15 Best Drinks to Serve in Copper Mugs & Cups: 2020 Updated List

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Moscow Mule is considered the signature drink served in a copper mug. Thanks to the properties present in copper mugs, the drink tastes better and is kept cool longer. This also applies to Moscow Mule variations, as well as several other cold cocktails, especially those with lime or vodka ingredients. 

Drinking from copper mugs is good for health and also it gives an ultimate cocktail experience because copper being a metal triggers an oxidation process that enhances the aroma and taste of the drink.

What’s not to love about copper mugs? They are stylish and look gorgeous even on photos. They are also the perfect glassware for most ice-cold concoctions because they can efficiently maintain a drink’s temperature.   

So, if you’re wondering what cocktail drink is perfect with a beautiful copper mug, here are some awesome and great-tasting cocktail recipes you can try.

15 Best Drinks for Copper Mugs and Cups

1. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

Copper mugs are known as the perfect vessel for an ice-cold Moscow Mule.  The insulating properties of copper as a metal keeps Moscow Mule icy cool even during scorching summer days.

All you need are a few simple ingredients of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Combine vodka and lime juice into your favorite iced copper mug, top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wheel for the perfect cocktail finish.

Try this recipe with a gorgeous set of hammered copper mugs for a more refreshing drinking experience.

Ingredients required:

2. Whiskey Ginger Mule

Whiskey Ginger Mule

Looking for an alternative to your traditional Moscow Mule recipe? Why not try this recipe from bartender Molly Wellman, owner of Wellmann's Brands in Cincinnati. Made from fresh homemade ingredients, this awesome recipe is sure to tickle your taste buds even if you’re not much of a whiskey drinker.    

You will need to combine bourbon whiskey, homemade ginger simple syrup, lime, and Fever-Tree ginger beer. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg and enjoy!

Ingredients Required

3. Classic Margarita


If you think Margaritas are only served in typically stemmed glassware, think again. Copper mugs are perfect for Margaritas because of its unique insulating properties that keep the drink cold for a long period of time.

We have thirteen Margarita recipes that you are sure to enjoy wherever and whenever you feel like having a drink.

One of these is the Classic Margarita which is very easy to prepare. Combine ice, Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, and Cointreau and shake well. Make the salt stick to the rim of the glass by dipping the rim first in some water or lime juice. This traditional drink is best garnished with a lime wedge. 


4. Sweet Surrender

Coffee on copper mugs? Why not when it’s a cold brew coffee cocktail you are talking about?  Sweet Surrender is a bittersweet cocktail concoction made up of a combination of condensed milk, chocolate bitters, cold brew coffee, blackstrap rum, and St. Elizabeth’s All-Spice Dram.

All you need is to combine these ingredients with ice and shake. Next is strain the mixture into a double old-fashioned glass. Finally, garnish with chocolate bitters and a cinnamon stick.

It is the perfect evening treat best served in your copper mug.

A real cocktail lover knows that using the right glassware for your drink is an important part of the drinking experience. So, if you like your drinks refreshing and icy cold, you now know that you can trust a copper mug to keep it that way longer. Hence, drinking from copper mugs is healthy and safe.


5. Mint Julep

A mint julep is a bourbon-based cocktail which is often considered as the signature drink at Kentucky derby. You should serve yourself more often than just a few occasions each year. Mint julep was created during the 18th century somewhere in the southern United States. 

Though the drink is served in a highball glass or silver julep cup, it is very much suited to be enjoyed in a copper mug. Since this drink is based on bourbon, you should be using a top-quality bourbon and enjoy the concoction. 

The ingredients are very easy to source as the main stuff here is mint, ice, and bourbon. 


6. Dark N Stormy

One of the reasons why copper is suitable for many drinks is because it is known to enhance the flavor of key ingredients like lime and ginger beer. Since popular drinks like Moscow Mule have these ingredients, copper metal is a perfect match as a container. 

Making Dark N Stormy is very simple as its a two-ingredient cocktail where you need dark rum and some ginger beer which is why the name dark-beer and ginger beer-storm. You can use some lime wedge to top it. The overall taste is very refreshing. 


7. Greyhound

 Greyhound is a drink that has elements like vodka, grapefruit, and basil which is why serving it in a copper vessel reduces the tartness of the whole mixture. This drink is a perfect balance for anyone who is looking for a balance between citrus and spirit.

Just add a bit of salt at the rim and you will have a drink that can be relished anytime. Preparing is simple as well, add 3-4 ice cubes to a shaker, pour in 2 ounces of vodka, and 4 ounces of grapefruit. Shake well and strain.


8. Mezcal

Mezcal is a straight sipper which means you will have to sip it through a straw. An important point to note here is that “all tequila is mezcal but not all mezcal is tequila”. The beauty of sipping a mezcal from a copper container allows the drink to develop layers of new flavor as the drink warms due to the heat of your hand as you hold it by the waist.


  • Tequila
  • Ice
  • Mint for garnish

9. Gin and Tonic

The gin and tonic cocktail was like tonic water for the British officers due to its taste and the functionality of medicinal quinine. Not only is this mix unique but also has a taste that is hard to beat. You will need a few ice cubes, a narrow glass. Get rolling with some gin, tonic water, and lime juice. You can also use some lime wedge to garnish and sip it like a British officer.


10. Cuba Libre

You can figure out by the name that Cuba Libre had its origin from Cuba and in its true sense, this drink is made using rum and coke. The fun fact is that in Havana coca-cola used to be made with real sugar. Compared to the coke made in America where there is the use of glucose and fructose, people believe it doesn’t really deliver the true taste. This drink is served in highball glass but can be enjoyed in a copper container.


11. Pimm’s Cup


The Pimm’s Cup is a perfect mix for anyone who wants to have something refreshing but doesn’t want too much of an alcoholic kick. This drink shall have just 25% of ABV and when you have it with the gin as a base, combined with citrus and some spices, this makes the drink a cocktail which simple yet a drink that speaks for itself.


12. Mint Ginger Ale

Mint ginger ale is a combination that has the spirit of Moscow Mule. It’s totally up to you if you want to make it alcoholic or have it virgin. This drink can be given a great twist if you serve it in a copper container. Not only will it look great but even enhance the flavors of the drink. If you wish to go a step ahead, add some tonic water and lemon zest.


13. Parker Punch

Parker punch is a go-to party drink for many. You can prepare it easily it in front of the crowd. As the word punch resembles, you can have this drink as a mix of any fruity punch. In this one especially, you can use cranberry juice which also shall give it the look close to something like Red Mary. In terms of the spices to be used, you can make use of star anise, cinnamon, orange zest, and cloves.


14. Winter Sangria

You can tell from the name that this is the best drink to be enjoyed in the winter. You can enjoy sangria in a copper mug of a jug which will not only be a unique touch but also add to the overall flavor. You have the choice to either have it with booze or as a virgin. Making it is simple as well. Take a large pitcher and mix it with agave nectar, brandy, and some syrup. Add the rest and let it mix well for 4 hours and then serve with ice and mixed spices.


15. Virgin Moscow Mule 

If you want to relax with a delicious beverage but at the same time not really in the mood for alcoholic drinks, Virgin Moscow Mule is for you! This version of the Mule replaces vodka with club soda or tonic water but keeps the great flavor found in your classic Moscow Mule. 



  1. Use a lime squeezer to juice the lime and pour it into a copper mug. 
  2. Add the simple syrup and a splash of club soda. 
  3. Top with ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge. 

Other Copper Mug Uses

Copper mugs and cups aren't just for keeping your Mule cold. These mugs may also be used as:

Aesthetic decoration

If you're looking for something to decorate your home bar with, then the copper mugs are great for adding aesthetic appeal. 


Not only are our copper mugs carefully crafted but they are also beautifully packaged, so they are great gift choices for any occasion. 


You don't have to go home empty-handed after traveling during vacation or attending events such as the Kentucky Derby, as copper mugs and cups are also excellent souvenirs. 

    Moscow Mule FAQs

    Q: Is it safe to drink out of copper mugs?

    Yes! Copper poisoning can only happen if to a person if the acidic level of the drink they intake is high enough to result in the corrosion of the copper lining inside. Thankfully, the Moscow Mule is not acidic enough to break down the copper, thus making it safe. Of course, several safety measures should be observed to have a worry-free drinking experience. 

    Q: Why is Moscow Mule and other cocktails served in copper mugs?

    The Moscow Mule and the other cocktails are served in copper mugs because of these ingredients in their recipes: vodka, lime, and ginger. Vodka and lime react to copper, and this material makes ginger fizzier-which greatly enhances the taste of the drinks. Also, the insulating properties of copper metal play a vital role in maintaining the temperature of the drinks. 

    Q: Can hot drinks be served in copper mugs?

    No. Copper metal is a good conductor of heat so serving and sipping hot drinks from a copper mug may burn your lip or tongue.

    Q: What the different types of copper mugs?

    There are a LOT of copper mugs to choose from and we have the best pure copper mugs and cups in our collection! Some of these are:

    These mugs are perfect for cocktails, coffee, tea, gin and tonic, ginger beer, and even for mint juleps

    Q:  What are some of the best copper mugs for a Moscow Mule?

    The best copper mugs for Moscow Mules are those that are of great quality, safe, long-lasting, and, most importantly, made of 100% copper. Our top 5 choices for the best copper mugs are: the Advanced Mixology Copper Mug, A29 Moscow Mule Solid Pure Copper Unlined Mug/Cup, RV Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug with Brass Handle, Crafts Cocktails Moscow Mule Cups, and the Advanced Mixology Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set of 4.

    Q: What is the Russian drink that is served in a copper mug?

    Vodka, the Russian spirit, is the drink mainly served in a copper mug. But the Moscow Mule itself isn't Russian-made. In fact, Moscow Mule's history tells of how the said cocktail was made in America, as a result of a successful collaboration of three entrepreneurs.


    Now that you have got to know about more than 15 best drinks which can be served in a copper. Its time to get ready with ingredients and shop for a pair of high-quality copper mugs. Explore the site to know more as to which copper container is best suited for the drink. You also got to know about the various benefits like change in the flavor and enhanced taste of the drinks. Not only that, but copper mugs also give a unique look and make your drink stand out! 

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