Guest Post Creation Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in creating a guest post with Advanced Mixology. All guest post submissions will definitely receive a response within 3 business days.

Please observe the following in writing your article: 

  1. Considering the nature of our business, please select a topic that is about or related to alcoholic beverages and products. Note that we will not accept content that does not add value nor are of low-quality, especially as compared to that of the existing content under the same topic published on the website.
  2. Each article must consist of 750 words or more. If there are any irrelevant or filler content present, these will be removed and thus will affect the word count. 
  3. If necessary, divide sections of your article using subheadings and use bullets or numbers in listing information for them to be easy to read. 
  4. The use of keywords related to your chosen topic is highly encouraged for it will help in increasing the audience for your guest post.. For this, once you share the main idea of your article, we will provide the main keyword around which you may write your content. 
  5. Well-researched content is commendable, but be sure to construct and arrange the information in a way that the text will both be cohesive and coherent, regardless of the amount of information that needs to be compiled.
  6. There is no limit to the number of links that you may add to the article, either to your own page or to any other website. However, each link that you use as reference in your post must be relevant and not unnatural. Quote or paraphrase their content as needed. 
  7. If necessary, include any image, graph or table related to your content and write a one to two-sentence caption underneath each. Only images that either you hold the copyright to or have a written approval from the original owner can be used. 
  8. Observe proper grammar. Do grammar checks by yourself or using grammar checking platforms to avoid both grammatical and typographical errors. 
  9. Any kind of plagiarism is not tolerated, thus all submissions will be checked through copyscape for plagiarism. Kindly do plagiarism checks before sending your article.

Once you have finished your article, send it to us at for us to review your content. Should you have any questions or clarifications with the guidelines, feel free to send us an email anytime. 

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