Wine and liquor decanters are available in different designs and sizes. But why is the purpose of a decanter? Not only they look amazing (some homeowners even use them as a display), but they can also make sipping wine or liquor of your choice more pleasurable. First, it aerates the wine, which basically means that your letting the liquid to take in oxygen which in return open-up your Cabernet Sauvignon's aroma and flavor. Lastly, decanting is a great way to separate its own sediment. If it isn't separated, you'll get an astringent and strong bitter flavor.

At Advanced Mixology, we offer you a beautiful collection of crystal decanters for wine and other liquor. Choose from a classic and timeless diamond shaped decanter or a more sophisticated tomoka gold decanter with oak base. We also have an aerating pourer and decanter spout in our collection.